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Trust Administration

Before anyone inherits property from a trust, the trustee must take certain legal steps to administer that trust. At DuRoss & DuRoss, we can guide you through this process with minimal time, expense, and worry.


As trustee, you have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of trust beneficiaries, meet legal deadlines, and to carry out the terms of the trust. If you make a mistake, you can be held personally liable for it.

At DuRoss & DuRoss, we offer representation to trustees in need of legal guidance during this complex process. Find out more by scheduling a free consultation.  

Trust Beneficiaries

As a trust beneficiary, you may feel like you are at the mercy of the trustee. But, depending on the type of trust, you may have certain legal rights that you need to exercise in order to ensure the trust is properly managed.

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