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What is probate?

Probate is the legal process that distributes the estate of decedent. Unless an estate qualifies for a small estate alternative, it will need to go through the formal probate process. Common steps in the probate process include:

  1. Identifying, locating, and valuing estate assets.

  2. Initiating the probate process by submitting the decedent’s Last Will and Testament (if applicable) along with a petition to open probate to the appropriate court.

  3. Identifying and locating legal heirs if the decedent died intestate (without a Will).

  4. Notifying creditors of the estate that probate is underway.

  5. Reviewing and approving or denying claims submitted by creditors.

  6. Defending the estate in the event of disputes.

  7. Calculating and paying any gift and estate taxes due.

  8. Effectuating the legal transfer of remaining assets to the intended beneficiaries and/or heirs of the estate.

How We Can Help

Navigating the probate of an estate can be challenging under the best of conditions. If you are an Executor, Administrator, beneficiary, or heir of the estate, the odds are good that you are not operating under ideal conditions as you are likely still grieving the loss of your loved one. A minor mistake made during the probate process can have a profound and lasting impact on everyone involved, which is why you need an experienced probate attorney on your side throughout the process. Our probate attorneys are dedicated to successfully guiding you through the probate process from start to finish. You do not have to go it alone. We can help.

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