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Estate Planning

A well-crafted estate plan not only provides for the disposition of your property after you die, but does so in a way that saves time, money, and protects your family's privacy. It also allows you to express your wishes if you were to become unable to make decisions for yourself.

Comprehensive Estate Plans

A typical estate plan includes:

  • Will. Describes your intentions for your estate when you pass away.

  • Health Care Directive. Sets forth the type and extent of care you would want if you became legally incapacitated.

  • Power of Attorney. Allows you to give someone else the authority to make financial decisions for you, usually when you become legally incapacitated.

  • HIPAA Authorization. Gives permission for named persons to view your medical records and discuss your care with medical providers.

  • Living Trust. Designed to allow your estate to avoid probate. Streamlines the administration of your estate. Keeps your plans private.  

Whatever your situation may be, we will craft an estate plan to meet your specific needs. The cost to prepare your plan will vary depending on several factors. Call us today to set up a free consultation. Once we've had a chance to speak, we can give you a price quote over the phone.

Reviewing and Amending Your Plan

Is it time to review your existing estate plan? Depending on when you set it up, key provisions of federal estate tax law may have changed, and it may be time to revisit. We are happy to review your plan with you, and can recommend what changes you may need to make, if any. Start the conversation today by scheduling a free phone consultation.