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Probate court is the court that handles matters concerning wills and estates. In California,  it also handles guardianships and conservatorships. At DuRoss & DuRoss, we can help you navigate the complexities of your local Southern California probate court.

Estate Administration

A loved one has passed, and now it's time to pick up the pieces. Whether you've been named as executor in a will, or you need to be appointed as administrator, it is your job to perform legal tasks and meet court deadlines as personal representative of the estate.


Whenever someone you love loses legal capacity, it may become necessary to file for conservatorship on their behalf. As conservator, you become legally empowered to protect and manage a conservatee's personal care, financial affairs, or both. You also take on significant legal responsibilities. We offer comprehensive representation to conservatees at reasonable hourly rates.

At DuRoss & DuRoss, we can guide you through this process with minimal time, expense, and worry. Contact us today to get the process started.